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I live to design

Pattern, prints, inks, papers, fabrics. I love it all. At the same time, stewardship of the land is important to me. North Country Creative is my outlet for creating both beautifully and sustainably.


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Why i blog

My Story

I live to make things beautiful. Whether it be professionally establishing brands and creating eye-catching visuals on a computer or in the pottery studio covered in clay. I could be dreaming of interior designs while looking over my mom’s shoulder as she sketches floorplans or getting inked up printing patterns on textiles and be equally as happy. Design is in my blood, even if I’m simply out in the garden drawing garden plans out amongst the rows of chamomile and pumpkins.

Nature is what inspires me. There was this magical force attracting me to the country. After graduating art school my husband and I made our way North where we ended up at the Lone Oak Farm, a 15 acre farmhouse perfectly located 45 minutes from Detroit. Motivated by the homesteading movement and our new property, I immersed myself in learning everything I could about gardening, herbs and keeping up our hobby farm complete with pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, our 3 dogs and the more recent addition of a cat.

After countless podcasts, books and a few classes on herbal medicine, I was enlightened to the resources that were available to me right in my own backyard not only for one’s own prosperity but also for the wellbeing of the world around me.

My unrelenting desire to create alongside my interest in a sustainable future lead me to create North Country Creative. Forever conscious of the impact of products, materials and our precious resources, I wanted a place to refer to for my own research and to possibly enlighten others on the subject of nature, art and everything in between.

I look forward to creating both artistically and communally as we all do out best to make the world a little brighter. My true hope is that one day we all will once again with live in peace with nature, using only what is necessary and giving back abundantly.

Yours truly,